Bernoulli Distribution Calculator

Bernoulli’s distribution calculator can help you to determine the mean, variance and probability for Bernoulli’s distribution with parameter probability of success $p$.

Bernoulli Distribution Calculator
Probability of success (p):
Number of success (x):
Probability : P(X = x)
Mean : E(X)
Variance : V(X)
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Definition of Bernoulli Distribution

A discrete random variable $X$ is said to have Bernoulli distribution with parameter $p$ if its probability mass function is

$$ \begin{aligned} P(X=x)&=p^x (1-p)^{1-x},\hbox{$x=0,1$;}
& \hbox{$0<p<1$}.
\end{aligned} $$


  • $x =$ number of successes in single trial,
  • $p =$ probability of success,

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