Coriolis Force Calculator

Coriolis force is an inertial force that acts on the objects which are in motion within a rotating reference frame with respect to inertial frame. Coriolis force can be calculated using particle mass,angular velocity and velocity.


Coriolis Force Calculator for Rotating Reference Frame
Particle Mass
Angular Velocity
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How to use Coriolis Force Calculator?

Step 1 - Enter the Particle Mass

Step 2 - Enter the Angular Velocity

Step 3 - Enter the Velocity

Step 4 - Click on “Calculate” button to calculate Coriolis Force

Step 5 - Calculate Coriolis Force

Coriolis Force Formula:

F’cor = -2mω × v’


F’cor = Coriolis Force

m = Particle Mass

ω = Angular Velocity

v’ = Velocity