To create data frame in R langauge, you can use data.frame() function.

The following method shows how you can do it with syntax.

Method: Use data.frame() Function

data.frame(column_name = c(value1,value2,...))

Here c represents column.

The following examples shows how to create data frame in R.

Create Data Frame Using data.frame() Function in R

Here we see example to create data frame which having machine data:

# Create data frame
df <- data.frame(Machine_name = c("Machine1","Machine2","Machine3","Machine4","Machine5",
                                  "Machine6"),Value = c(110,120,135,95,98,92))

# Print data frame

Output :

 Machine_name Value
1     Machine1   110
2     Machine2   120
3     Machine3   135
4     Machine4    95
5     Machine5    98
6     Machine6    92

As in the above example code we created data frame and showed using print() function.