Magnetic Flux Density Calculator

Use this magnetic flux density calculator to calculate magnetic flux density using permeability of vaccum,magnetic field strength and magnetization.

Magnetic Flux Density Calculator
Permeability Of Vacuum
Magnetic Field Strength
Magnetic Field Of Straight Solenoid Based On Axis: {{magneticFluxDensityResult()}}

How to use Magnetic Flux Density Calculator?

Step 1 - Enter the Permeability Of Vacuum

Step 2 - Enter the Magnetic Field Strength

Step 3 - Enter the Magnetization

Step 4 - Calculate Magnetic Flux Density

Magnetic Flux Density Calculator Formula:

B = μo * (H+M)


B= Magnetic Flux Density

μo= Permeability of Free Space

H= Magnetic Field Strength

M= Magnetization


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